The 2017 South African Bonsai Convention Came To 

South African National Convention 2017

In November 2017 Port Elizabeth hosted the South African Bonsai Association Convention showcasing the best bonsai in the country and hosting talks from national and international speakers.

The event was formally opened by the Executive mayor of PE, Athol Trollip, who even admitted to dabbling in bonsai. He claimed to have a few trees, killed a few trees... 

Although our newly elected SABA President, Carrol Dewar Hermann wanted to assure him he was in good company.Highlights on the programme included demonstrations from our very own bonsai fundi’s as well as international master our headliner was Juan Llaga from the Philippines.  Juan is not only knowledgeable, his talent and sense of humour exceeded all expectations and we left the convention inspired.  The Wild Olive that Juan worked on was auctioned at the end of the demo, this demo was indeed the highlight of the day with an exciting auction that turned into a show of its own.

The local talent demos included our own Eastern Cape homespun fundi’s Cliffy Marias, Robbie de Witt (who was also the Convention Chairman) and Mike Shute.  Antony Smith and Hannes Fritz were our national demo artists who came in on our programme.  Thank you to all involved in making this a convention to remember.